Sunday, October 7, 2007

It works for us

Today is our 7th wedding anniversary--I made it easy for Dave by marrying him in '00!

Friday night we had dinner at Silvano's--a favorite, quiet, really cozy place where they remember your face, name, and usually what you ate last time you were there. Of course, when you're my husband and order the pork chop (with either Gorgonzola cream sauce or balsamic reduction) it's pretty easy. They were busy Friday night so we left after dinner and drove around a bit thinking of where we could go for coffee and dessert, all the while listening to ESPN Radio for the Yankee game. But oh, the horror, the horror, at the 7th inning stretch, we were switched to coverage of Lake Brantley HS football. So we ended up sitting at the bar in TGI Friday's, ate a brownie sundae, drank coffee, and watched a few more innings until D was completely disgusted at his Yanks and we went home.

This is not so unusual for us, even on major celebrations or events. Let's see--attending UCF games together (sorta a first date), MNF after the first dinner I cooked for him, wedding reception during a FSU-Miami game where he got score updates throughout (we paused in the lobby of our honeymoon hotel to watch the final field goal attempt), even Sports Center cycling through while in labor with R.

So last night we got the kids in bed early and popped champagne. And by tonight, I'm blogging in one room while he plays NCAA Football on the XBox and gets more disgusted with the Yankees. Ah, the romance is still alive!


Leslie said...

LOL, happy anniversary! I'd say the two of you have settled into married life quite nicely!

Vicki Taylor said...

Happy Anniversary!

patti said...

Sounds like a slice of heaven! xoxo Happy Anniversary sweet friend! xoxox PS...dont you just LOVE Silvano's.

Goes On Runs said...

how nice to know yourself enough to know what romance actually looks like in your own life..... nice dinner. done! connection made.... that's what matters.