Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Coming Events

You may recall I got hooked on the blog Andrew Peterson kept during the making of his newest album Resurrection Letters (due out this fall; he's currently on tour). I also discovered that he was writing a novel, the first of a series, called On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness. I've also kept up with his latest blog project The Rabbit Room, where some writers, artists, pastors, singer/songwriters contribute on a variety of artsy and spiritual topics.

And that's where I saw his virtual book tour where bloggers can post a review his book.

So my complimentary reviewer's copy is in the mail. I hope to take it along this weekend as we travel to Charlotte, NC to visit my folks. And you can join the virtual book tour the week of March 17th right here where I will post my witty and insightful (always) review.

There's a special prize too so keep an eye out!

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Katie said...

Hey, Amy!

We went to see Andrew in Jacksonville before anybody knew his name, years ago. He was/is a friend of a friend's. :) It's been amazing to see how God's using him. I had NO idea he'd written a BOOK! Crazy. Will have to read it, for sure.