Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Better Late Than Never

I realized after reading Amy P's comment on the Dusseldorf post that I never officially announced that Baby 3 is on the way. Partly because we told our family and a few friends right before leaving for our trip (in fact I put some not-so-subtle clues in the instruction manual I left for my parents). And partly because I wasn't that far along and went to the OB the day before we left on our trip. But I am now 12ish weeks along, a revised date after a sonogram last week pushed my due date back a week--which is what happened with Benjamin. And we've all seen the results of that. So, I'm a bit wary of how big this one could be. My mom and I mused that maybe this one will surprise us and be a tiny, petite, little thing--and then we laughed. We make 'em big and we make 'em cute. The official due date is now June 13th, a week before my dad leaves for Costa Rica on a mission trip so maybe he'll be able to swing through here and take a peek at the newest grandbaby before leaving.
We waited to tell the kiddos until after the sonogram and were able to share the pictures with them (well, R, at least. B had his truck book and could care less). She was tickled! All giggles and smiles and confident that this will be a girl baby since we already have a boy baby. We pointed out that we already have a girl too, but in her mind she figures she has a little brother, now she needs a little sister. We keep reminding her that it could be a boy too, but she's keeping to the power of positive thinking. She has named the baby Nose, for whatever reason, which is why she will not have a vote in any future naming decisions. Of course, we do still need something to call Baby in utero since we don't reveal the name until birth. Any suggestions?


Debby Sutton said...

Keep up the positive thinking -- call Baby, "Munchkin."

So thrilled for you!

patti said...

"The bean"

Okay, and I must point out, Nose is not bad. She could have gone for "soaking"

I LOVE R!!! and you too! So happy!

Nana said...

At this particular moment, Baby Fleming looks a bit like a small elephant (I'm sure that's not a trunk, but it sort of looks like one). How about Horton? R should like that.

Scribbling Suit said...

I do believe that is an arm and hopefully not portending a Fleming nose--they do run rather big on the male side.

Leslie said...

Congratulations, A!