Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Welcome to the World, Baby Boy!

William Nathanael Fleming
Born on June 12, 2009 at 1:45 PM
8 lbs, 10 oz.; 21 3/4"
Pratically perfect in every way!

We just wanted the easy-t0-remember birthday, so we induced on Friday. My OB, after seeing how big William was, reminded me that she offered to induce me a week earlier. A few post-delivery complications meant I had to remain in the delivery bed until the next morning, hooked up to all sorts of things--including my epidural for almost 8 hours and an IV line. All I wanted by the morning was to get things off of me!

Despite proclaiming that she would take one look at the new baby and then run away to her room, R is quite smitten with Will, partly because she had voted for "William" from the beginning (it's Olivia's little brother from the children's books). Big Ben checked him all over, pointing out his eyes, nose, arms, and mouth. Granddad got to hold his third grandbaby at the hospital instead of weeks later like with the other two.

We had visits from friends at church, including our pastor and wife, who was due with their first child on Sunday like me. She's still waiting but will deliver by Friday! Nice to have babies come in pairs like that so they can be buds.

William definiately wins the prize for best baby of our three. He's eating like a champ, sleeping well, especially at night, and has a quiet disposition so far. We've successfully eaten our dinners with both hands while the food was still warm. He has very nice coloring, lots of dark hair, and looks like Rebekah. We brought out some "first days" pictures to compare and while William looks all boy, the two are very similar. He's made a few faces here and there that are "Rebekah faces" if we ever saw one!

So, we're recooperating well, managing just fine with the extra grandparent help. I haven't washed a dish or dirty clothes in days, thanks to Mom! It's hot, hot, hot here which makes sending the kids out to play rather difficult but we're trying to keep them occupied.

Thanks for all your prayers, wishes, and congrats! I'll keep posting as much as three kids will let me!


U said...

Congratulations Amy on your new addition. Cute as a button :-)

patti said...

I cant wait wait wait! TO meet him! So sweet ! Praying for you as you settle in sweet friend xoxoP

Amy said...

He's adorable!

Leslie said...

What a face!!! I've been without internet and unable to check in, but what a pleasant surprise! Belated congratulations, Mama! Just gorgeous!