Thursday, September 3, 2009

Feathering our nest

Slowly, little bits at a time, we're making the house reflect us. I have to live with lots of unchangeables right now, especially the mauve on the walls of the entire downstairs, upstairs hallway, and gameroom. Which is good for me.

My Mother's Day present from my mom. Can you guess why she picked the green duck for Ben? They are now in a line across the mantle along with a few new accessories. I'm looking for lighter and more colorful pieces for the new house.

Ben's room is no longer Raspberry Regalia thanks to Mom and Dad's multiple coats of paint. They also painted over the burnt pumpkin in the laundry room and replaced the light so I can actually see if my laundry is clean. Ben's holding the color book I made for him--months ago! finally got around to finishing it and giving it to him. It's full of pictures of all his favorite things by color. "I lub dis book."I worked on our office/classroom. Erased the lilac, pink, and yellow from the walls with "Parchment Paper." Letters from Rebekah's old room on a border of dark brown. Number line on the line right now for Ben. It's good for hanging up finger paintings and our memory verses.

This half of the room, up two steps, is all kids. The other part is my desk, cabinets, and bookcases. A work in progress.

And my latest work, the dining room. Once mauve like the rest of the downstairs, it's now Benjamin Moore's Cinder. Awesome color. Makes everything else in the room look better. Still have to paint the molding and find a color for the ceiling. And I have some ideas for wall decor.

It's coming along.


Nana said...

Love the dining room color. Good choice. Next the ceiling, then a new light fixture, get some pics up on the walls and's yours!

Scribbling Suit said...

You and Robyn can pick a color for the ceiling for me. I love the Cinder; the picture doesn't do it justice.

Nana said...

That's what I thought, it comes across with more blue in it than in reality, right? Robyn and I will work on the ceiling for you. What are you thoughts for the windows so we can take that into consideration?

Goes On Runs said...

it still looks gorgeous!!! i think i might try and put things on my walls this pictures.

Leslie said...

wow! you've been busy! we've been back in our house since June and have yet to re-hang pictures. you're really making me look bad and I don't even have a baby in tow!