Friday, August 6, 2010



Ben's art in the gameroom



Scribbling Suit said...

A bit of commentary: The laundry room decor was only possible due to the fantastic duo of Dianne and Robyn (who didn't think I was weird, cut out all the letters, and shipped them to me along with Italian-style flour from KAF). Makes me smile when I do laundry and a good way to use leftover paint from around the house.
The kids' artwork decorates the upstairs which is now all kid since we moved W upstairs. I love it all! Pink, orange, yellow, greens!
The "forever always love" artwork idea came from Fun, easy, beautiful and incorporates my favorite line from The Jesus Storybook Bible.

Goes On Runs said...

super, super awesome!!! really awesome! i want letters!!!

Nana said...

Apparently, we should have added "stinky" to the laundry room.

patti said...

Kids art work is the best! Kaitlin's graces the nursery and our family room and kitchen. There is something so sweet about it! LOVE the laundry room! YUMMO!!!