Wednesday, October 6, 2010

School so far

We're just about at that point, six weeks in.  The point where "they" say things should be settling in, you should be figuring things out, things should be running smoother.

And, well, they are.  I'm happy to report that the kindergartner and the preschooler love school, we have routines, we have tricks that get us through the week, we've made adjustments, figured out what works and what doesn't.

Not that everything always runs smoothly as this morning's rush to the minivan, shoes in hand, proves. But we arrived, on time, calmed down by Indelible Grace music and a bit of prayer.

Things I like: a four-day school week, homework that is over by 10 AM so we can go to the children's museum, uniforms, doing science experiments in our kitchen, having mommy school with Ben (right now he's made rockets out of the pattern blocks we created), having one-to-one or one-to-two ratios, not having to create lesson plans, getting to expand on lessons and challenge R as needed, seeing Rebekah smile as she comes out to afternoon car line, hearing good reports from teachers (Rebekah is sweet and a good friend; Ben is smart and answers questions!), having great teachers that love my kids.

Things I don't like: William's lack of regular napping, being in the car a lot, keeping up with paperwork, cranky or overly silly homework times, early alarm clocks, neglecting William (poor third kid), not being all together all the time, finding time for everything.

All in all, I'm happy with this school model.  Sometimes I feel like she doesn't get to do as much fun stuff at school, but that also means I get to do the fun stuff with her. Which also means I need to create fun stuff for us to do and not get caught up in running errands or housecleaning, though at times this is important too.  (Finish math work and then dust!)  And we'll have a class play date this week--how great is that?

I'm trying to claim Fridays as family days, which is hard.  Stuff just gets in the way and I can get so lazy.  This Friday I hope to play at the park as the weather is just gorgeous and do an activity for our current fruit of the Spirit lesson--LOVE.

In pictures:

home school--clothing optional

Learning the color spectrum with Crews' Freight Train book

Ben's first day of preschool--still has black eye

At the Houston Aquarium for R's b-day with Nana and Granddad (this is the shark train)

The girl wanted lasagna and cookie cake for Birthday #6 (that's a homemade cookie cake by the way--yum, yum)

Working on our flat-kids for a Fruit of the Spirit lesson (see

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Goes On Runs said...

sounds awesome! like a good system. and what a yummy cake!!! hard to believe 6!