Friday, November 2, 2007

Happy Fall Y'All

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Here's a few pictures of our fall activities from the past week or so. Or at least an attempt at something fall-like in 80+ degrees. The Fall Festival at church was a success though it's always seems crazy and chaotic from my end. The pictures of R and B at the picture station were the only ones I got that day! But I'm sure R will model her princess dress again for me. My attempt at making B's costume went unfinished. He was sick for part of the week and I never fully executed my vision. Maybe next year.


patti said...

How apropos that rebekkah is a princess...LOVE THAT girl...Also the one of Ben trying to crawl in the pumpkin suit is precious! Thanks for all your hard work, the festival was amazing as alway! xooxox

Goes On Runs said...

so cute!!!