Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thanksgiving Wrap Up

Now a week past the big turkey day, I ate the last of the sweet potato casserole tonight with a leftover pork chop (topped with a yummy red wine-cranberry sauce). There's only one piece of pumpkin pie left in the fridge, tabbed for tonight. Then, all that will remain is a lingering pound (or two) that I need to deal with.

We did two Thanksgiving meals this year--Oy! We started in Titusville Wednesday night with D's family--parents, sisters, cousins--and coconut cream pie for D's sister's birthday. YUM! They are big game players so we pulled out Catchphrase which we hadn't played in a few months. That game is a guaranteed laugh producer--especially when you play with, well, the senior group. They don't move the fastest and they are sometimes technologically challenged. Poor D had both his parents on his team. On sugar highs and late at night, we were rolling. The next day was cooking and eating. The cousins played together the whole day; I barely saw R. And there were two aunts and a grandma for B.

My parents drove down from SC on Thursday and we started all over again. Mom (with a little assistance from me) made four pies and the sweet potatoes. Her crusts are perfect and the pies were beautiful. Saturday we drove to Winter Haven to spend the afternoon with my grandparents and my dad's siblings. It was a bittersweet day as this will be my grandfather's last Thanksgiving. The food was great, everyone behaved themselves, the Gators won (and UCF, too!), and we all got through the day. It was good to be together.

Mom and Dad have stuck around a bit this week. Mom and I ventured out to the new Ikea store, took the kids to Crane's Roost, put the house back in order, patched a wall, did some Christmas shopping, drank some good wine, and ate pie. I'm feeling a bit tired but tomorrow I'm onto the Christmas decorations and Advent!


Goes On Runs said...

we just got out the xmas stuff and i am in a mad search for the xmas CDs. advent wreath making after church on sunday :)

patti said...

What a fun time you had over Thanksgiving! I loved the commment, that you didnt even see R at your in laws...that is the way it shoudl be at family gatherings..the kids enjoying themselves immensely.
Hey...werent we supposed to have lunch this week? Sorry I dropped the ball on that one. Thursday?