Monday, May 5, 2008

Weekend of celebration(s)

Well, we made it. Dave took his last exam on Monday, received his grades, and, though he skipped the ceremony, has completed his MBA. I think I won't completely believe it until the diploma arrives in the mail. With a demanding job and two kids at home, this is a tremendous accomplishment. He didn't even use the two "C"s he was allowed!

To celebrate, he and I left for the beach Friday afternoon. Aunt Jenn was kind enough to take the kids on for the night. (They had such a great time, R asked if we could go to the beach some more.) We had a quiet dinner, took our tiramisu back to our hotel, spent the morning poolside, and walked the beach under overcast and slightly sprinkling skies. He deserved more time away but we'll take what we can get.

Meanwhile, my brother arrived stateside Friday. Whoo-hoo! He and my sis-in-law spent the weekend in Elizabethtown where she competed in her first half Ironman. My parents were there to watch and keep my brother company. She came just a few minutes shy of placing in her age group. If they hadn't rounded her age UP (ick--who wants that?!), she would have placed first in the other age group. Still, an incredible finish!

And my 4th grade nephew took first place in his county's computer competition, beating out all other 4th and 5th graders, even from the schools with more technological emphasis. He's very serious and dedicated and gave a great presentation to go along with his Power Point slide show. Outstanding!

Way to go, everyone!

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Leslie said...

Congrats to David! Glad that you're brother is home. I know that's a great relief to your family. You all are setting the bar wayyy too high, A. After listening to your family accomplishments, the fact that we all managed to get to church on time Sunday hardly sounds impressive. :)