Sunday, January 11, 2009

Prego Ponderings

D asked the other night how many weeks we/I were/was along. (I'm 18 wks as of Monday). "Mmm, that's not even halfway," he observed. Thanks.... Now that there is no hiding the bump whatsoever and the hubbub of the holidays is settling down, more and more people have noticed that, yes, I am indeed pregnant. D & I were at his company's "holiday" party and we got plenty of congratulations. One girl asked me, "Are you so excited?!"

I had to stop and think a minute.

Of course, I'm elated that there is life within me. But....there's not as much to get excited about at this point. Being baby #3, there are very few surprises at this stage. And since I carried my saltines to church this morning and then still had to duck out between services for a food run for my queasy tummy and woozy head, I'm not all that "WHOO-HOO!" (Really, I'm not a "WHOO" girl much anyway for those who watch "HIMYM".) And the other night, as we were leaving a friend's house, R had a colossal, nuclear meltdown that went on until she finally fell asleep. And all I'm thinking, we've already made another.

Generally speaking, I'm not one of those women who love, love, love being pregnant. I'd much rather get this part over with and get to the baby part--even those first few weeks! So I'm confident that my current blase attitude with this baby will disappear the moment I lay eyes on him or her.

R is less convinced that the Bean is a girl but just as convinced that she only wants a sister. She told me the other day that if this is a boy she is NOT going to play with him. In the same breath, she was begging B to come back to their bedrooms to play. I pointed out the contradiction and she explained that she would keep playing with B but no more boys and that she really needed a girl to play with. B has been carrying around a Cabbage Patch doll of R's and giving it a bottle several times. So cute! In other news, he has added "shoe," "truck," "car," and "choo-choo" to his lexicon. No words that are actually helpful in our daily routine but progress nonetheless. We are working on being a bit tougher with him, withholding the item we know he wants until he makes some attempt at saying the word. He's proud of himself when he does it so I'm hoping these are signs of further development to come.

I'm craving strange things--though sometimes, like today, nothing sounds good. Several times in the past few weeks, I've made some form of nachos/taco salads with grilled chicken or ground beef topped with black beans, lettuce, tomatoes (GOT to have tomatoes right now), cilantro, salsa, sour cream. (Please note, this picture was a meal for both of us, not my dinner plate!) I think we're taking the kiddos to the park this afternoon after naps which means we'll also go to Bubbalou's for dinner. I will be getting their smoked chicken which tastes good all the time but is really good right now. Strawberries have started coming in already which means I will be loading up. That's been my favorite fruit of both previous pregnancies and now I have two strawberry-loving kids too. Yum!


Goes On Runs said...

i am working on a "top ten" list for pregnancy.... i'm sure you might find something funny on that list as we share many of the same sentiments on the actual pregnancy part of this process......

Leslie said...

I love R's take on things. What a hoot! We are praying for you, A!

Amy P. said...

I'm with you - don't love being preggo, but you can't beat the end result!

Mom said...

"Man...we've already made another one." I think those were your dad's exact words one day when I was pregnant with your brother.

Debby Sutton said...

gotta love the "whoo" girls!!

When I was moving everyone said, "you must be so excited..." Not really, that whole "what is gonna happen on this move/kid/job/situation" is often a bit unnerving. I feel for you -- not in the prego way, but you know.

And love that B is playing with the Cabbage Patch!

patti said...

Ill be your WHOO girl!!! Those nachos looked delish!! Yummo!
I think I need to have R over for a day in the morning one time. I love that birl!!!