Monday, January 19, 2009

weekend update

We've been promising R a trip to Chuck E Cheese for almost two years now--on the condition that she stop sucking her thumb. I was planning to start the taping and pinning of appendages after Christmas to get her over her habit. But, lo and behold, all it took was one Chick-Fil-A lunch date with a fellow recovering thumb-sucker and she was cured. She announced that afternoon that she was going to stop sucking her thumb like N. I figured, sure, after Christmas, will start taping your thumb to your hand. But she just stopped. I thought I would catch her during the car trip to SC. Nope. Maybe I would hear the sucking sound during her sleep when we were all in the same room over the holidays. No. She had stopped, cold turkey. Does this give you an indication of what kind of will I daily encounter?

So, Saturday, we delivered on our promise. Both kids were not thrilled with the live Chuck who walked around giving high fives. But despite her face in these pictures, she like the horse ride and a few others (though many were malfunctioning!) and she refused to have her picture taken, smiling, at least.

B added "ch-ee-cheese" to his vocabulary and cried, "Bob, Bob, Bob" as I pulled him out of this ride to let waiting children have their turn. He grins and says "Bob" whenever we mention C.E.C. and pointed it out as we were driving today.
R redeemed her tickets for a tiny heart-shaped container of lip gloss. Later, when we called them for dinner, they came running out of her room looking like leftover extras from Braveheart. Smears of purple sparkly goop covered their faces like war paint. I would have taken a picture but I was too afraid B was about to run it into his eyes, so I washed him up fast.
It was also a weekend of experimenting. We put B in the other twin bed in R's room on Friday night to see how things went. Lots of red bottoms! The next night was better. The next, not so much. Hopefully, they'll get used to it, soon! We could hear R talking and B "shushing" at times and other time B babbling and R telling him to be quiet. I told D that this marks about a year or so of little sleep for us, just get ready.


Leslie said...

oh, what an adventure you've had this weekend! We STILL have issues with the boys sharing a room. I hope R & B fall into a comfortable pattern before baby gets here. You and D are going to need the sleep!

patti said...

wait..youre putting them in the same room?! You are a brave woman. They will get it though! Red bottoms...indeed! See ya tomorow, oh and on Sunday morning...Oh and on tuesday morning. Am I getting holy or what???

Vicki Taylor said...

Ha! I can remember the horrid days when Dan and Sam had to share a bedroom... there were some great stories that came out of that union. :)

So glad that Ben is starting to verbalize. Each child marches to the beat of his own drum.