Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Boy Wonder

This is the kid I posted about--only a few short months ago--in frustration over his lack of speech and confusion of what to do next.

We chose the option of nothing. And this is him now. (Sorry I'm so loud and I also apologize for Big Sis in the background. Can you see why it might have been difficult for him to get a word in?) He continued until all the letters were out. Then, in typical two-year-old fashion, swiped all the letters to the floor and ran off giggling when asked to pick them up.


Anonymous said...

I don't always remember to check your blog, but I am glad I did today! My sweet, precious nephew put a smile on my face. :) Deb

patti said...


I love Ben!

Nana said...

Where was the "N" for Nana?!!!!

Scribbling Suit said...

Sorry, Mom, he hadn't gotten to it yet. But he always says it, I promise.

Amy P. said...

Love it! Emelyn watched this video with joyful fascination. He just wanted to go at his own pace. So sweet.