Sunday, March 29, 2009


They don't say the "H," you know.

I've been in Houston for the weekend, spending some kid-free time with the hubby. (The kids stayed with my parents, in Charlotte, which is where I am tonight before heading home tomorrow.)

I flew out on Thursday while severe weather passed through most of the south--either where the plane was coming from, where I was, where I was going, or where I had to pass through. So it took over 7 hours to get to Houston. I have made much headway in Edgar Sawtelle which is an excellent read that I hadn't had time to focus on. I highly recommend it and maybe I'll post more when I finish it.

The house D has been staying at these past few weeks is interesting to say the least. I had to bring my own soap and I did consider wearing flip-flops around the house and even in the shower. It was a bit like camping with limited dishes, food, and comforts of home. We ate some great Tex-Mex food on both Friday and Saturday (I think Houstoners will eat it every day just about!) and had a wonderful lunch at a cute bistro/cafe after church on Sunday. (Yes, I do judge my trips by meals consumed).

Our main objective this weekend was house-related. D drove me in and around The Woodlands which is a planned community north of Texas with businesses, parks, green spaces, shopping/entertainment, and residential neighborhoods. D's office is in The Woodlands (the city's name). In the height of spring and on the beautiful days we had this weekend, I was completely won over by the scenery. It is wooded--everywhere! Lakes, creeks, The Waterway, wildflowers in the medians--amazing amount of nature has been preserved in this area. The Woodlands Mall is a huge complex with a traditional mall (very big with some fabulous stores), restaurants, movie theater, and Market Street with high end stores and quaint restaurants. The Waterway runs along this too with wide sidewalks. The Waterway Art Festival is next weekend and this is also the summer home of the Houston Symphony. For all the oil and cowboy image of Big Texas, Houston is a cultural and artsy city.

And we picked out a house. We've made our offer and once we know if our offer has gone through, I'll post a picture or two.


vicki said...

Amy we will miss you so much! Keep writing and know that your family at owood will always love and welcome you!

patti said...

Its Baldwin park but with trees!!
missing you already dearest!

Terri B. said...

God is preparing your heart for this big move, and HE will bless your family mightily for your faith and obedience. I'm glad you were able to see the beauty in your new home area. The Bocc's love the Flemings and will continue to pray for you during this transition. Yum-I think I could eat texmex every day, too!

Katie said...

Wow what an adventure. I can't believe you've already made an offer... I hope to see pics soon!