Tuesday, July 14, 2009

One Month

Man, time really does fly, especially with the third. And it could also be all the other factors we've had going on as well.

William looks good in his orange and blue excavator/Go Gator outfit, size 6 months. When I weighed him last week, he was just over 12 lbs. Yikes! I hope we're not in for another chubby baby, a la Big Ben. He looks so much like Rebekah though, especially with the spikey hair.

We're off to swim with friends this morning and hopefully have scones and coffee with a fellow new mom during nap time tomorrow. Then Grandparents Part Deux arrive on Thursday. I think we can make it!


Nana said...

What was a thinking buying him horizontal stripes? Think I'd have learned with Ben. The hair is definitely going to be interesting. You can't put a barrette or bow in HIS hair to hold it down like you could with R.

Goes On Runs said...

he is too cute!