Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What she's writing

This is the results of R's "rest time" yesterday:

"by rebekah fleming too mommy fleming and dad and ben and willyum

one morning rebekah fleming got up and said i want too wear my leeatart her mom said that outfit is too dressy why not blue dress no her dad dressy why don't you no so she put on her leeatart the end"

I was crackin' up and impressed. Then she informed me that she used Ella Sarah Gets Dressed to write it. The story is about a little girl who wants to wear a particular mismatched outfit and everyone else in her family suggests something else. Stubbornly, she puts on what she wants to wear and, at the end her friends, also crazily dressed, come over for a tea party.

Maybe today during rest time she should copy the definition of plagiarize.

(I do think "willyum" is hilarious!)


Nana said...

Plagiarism? She preparing her resume for her future job and the NY Times! Did she physically write this or dictate it to you? Either way, it's hilarious.

Vicki said...

Way to get her going on writing!!! Great job Mom! (Nice writing Rebekah and Willyum.)

Scribbling Suit said...

This was entirely her doing. I'm keeping the original paper for posterity.

patti said...

That is SOOOO Rebekah!!!