Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Blog Voice Over

Ever since I started this blog, I've been going through my day with blog voice over, that internal monologue that's commenting on my day and composing a blog about something. Maybe something like Zach Braff from Scrubs: "the thing about baby poop is that...."

And while I'm not as prolific as some people (like Leslie, the double-blog-over-achiever. Does she have to do everything in duplicate or quadruplicate?), I enjoy how blog is making me intentional about thinking things. I don't just go through my day living from the neck down, changing diapers and making peanut butter sandwiches. I do have thoughts. Now if I could just remember them in between the diapers and sandwiches... But it is causing me to think about something to write!

This morning in WIC we talked a bit about our testimony of today. Our testimony is not just some original story from way back when but also about what God is doing right now. Or it better! Blogging, with its public face, is beyond just journaling and reflecting, more in line of what God wants us to be doing, spurring one another on, not meditating in our solitude. (Isn't it trippy that God uses blogging?) I need to dialogue through Sunday sermons and Bible study. I need to think about what's going on today, about what God is doing in my heart, listening to Him use the mundane and minutiae for His glory. It's the way we get perspective in the day to day.


Goes On Runs said...

thanks for the reminder..... god is doing something...it is always good - even when it is hard.

Leslie said...

Oh! A new blog term! I think I've turned into something of the karaoke singer of the blog world. You know, the one person who monopolizes the mic and loves to hear herself sing. But you're right about the spiritual ramifications of the process. Our lives rarely allow us time to have truely reflective conversations with one another and express what's on our hearts and minds. Blogging allows us to express the internal in the external.

Katie said...

This is true. So true. Forever writing blogs in my head. All day writing blogs I never post. But loving that about being more intentional and reflective, too.