Friday, April 6, 2007

Music Memory Lane

I was pushing the double stroller through the kids' section at Macy's yesterday and they were playing "Your Love is Better than Ice Cream." Love that song, love Sarah. But that song always reminds me of a childhood friend, one that I haven't talked to in about 3 years and have no idea where she is now. She got pretty "out there" during high school when she went away to a Ft. Lauderdale prep school and lived away from her family. Granted, she introduced me to Toad and was always good for a fabulous mix tape but we were growing up in two different directions. She was in my wedding almost 7 years ago and the Vassar grad blessedly shaved her armpits for me. But that's been about all our contact since we've become grown-ups.

But I love how songs send you right to a moment in time. Barenaked Ladies' "If I Had a Million Dollars", which is on one of Rebekah's car mixes, takes me back to a road trip with the GI Jan and the Jones kids. Blood, Sweat & Tears reminds me of my dad taking us to some work thing on Church Street. "Natural Woman" reminds me of Audrey, a high school pal--we would sing it at full volume while driving in her ancient Volvo to some Interact function, math competition (yikes! me & math!) or one of her photography projects. Caedmon's "40 Acres" came out while Dave and I were first dating and we played it nonstop in his red Nissan Sentra. Several road trips as a couple with good music...I remember us driving to my hometown one night playing our favorite "best bands whose first CD was their best or last," Bebo Norman before he was big while driving to TN, anniversary trip to SC where we discovered Sandra McCracken and we played "Gypsy Flat Road" over and over on the way home. Good times, good times.

So what's your best music memory?


Goes On Runs said...

"janie's got a gun" in the back of a 67 mustang during xmas break driving to go work on rose parade floats my junior year of high school.

"the wall" pink floyd.... freshman year of college my first experience with friends that did things that i didn't do.... pot... i think the answer is yes you can get high on second hand smoke.

"we are family" the pointer sister; driving cross country moving from boston to LA - 1984.... which can be combined with any james taylor song.

"here comes the rain again" - 1983/84 my first experience with VH1.... my friend heidi had cable. we did not.

Katie said...

I forgot all about that song!!!

Katie said...

(the first song mentioned, that is...) love the Caedmon's Call one, too...