Monday, April 16, 2007

He's created a monster...

...truck fan, that is.

Sunday lunch conversation

Dad: Look what's on, Bekah!
B: (Massive sucking in of air) Monster trucks!
D: When you get bigger, Daddy and Benjamin and Grandad and you can all go to see the monster trucks. Would you like that?
B: YEA! Can Mommy come too?
Mom: Mommy and Nana will go get pedicures. Do you know what a pedicure is?
B: I dunno know.
M: It's when you get your toe nails painted. (thoughfully) Would you like to see monster trucks or get a pedicure?
B: (Thinking, fingers together near her chin) I go see monster trucks and THEN get my nails painted.

My mom is going to take her away, I'm sure.

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patti said...

Hilarious!! Simply hilarious! I needed a good laugh today! xooxox P