Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I've had it!

Lizards in the office! Snakes in the garden! (Literally! I'm serious!)

I just about had a heart attack sitting at the computer when the little lizard who's been living in the office just jumped on a plastic shopping bag and scared the bejeebers out of me! All I need is a bird caught in here and I'm on my way to the looney bin. For a while now, lizards have been getting into the sunroom/office and can't find their way out. Then they leap out of nowhere and startle me. And there are always one or two on the outside window creepin' me out. The current resident is very daring. I first found him on a pile of papers on the desk. I guess I should clean the desk off more often! And my 6'1", 2(ehm!)40 lb. husband will not catch them and toss them back outside.
And then there's the snake. I hate snakes. I hate the way they slither. I hate their tongues. I hate the way they are quiet and sneak up on you. There's a black (supposedly harmless) snake in the backyard now. We've had one that suns itself in the front yard for a while. I think this is a new one and I'm a little afraid that the two have met and gotten to know each other in the biblical sense. The one in the backyard came slithering along the wall while I watered the veggies, went over R's golf clubs and stopped right under the faucet. I finished watering and went inside just watching it until it went back towards the garden and pool pump area where I think it lives. Then I ventured back out, clapping my hands, and turned the water off.
I've got my eye on the lizard, hiding underneath a box. Wait, where did it go? How can I blog and myspace in peace?? Where's Samuel L. Jackson when you need 'im?


Goes On Runs said...

just need a black raven on your chair & you are's the looney bin for you!!!

patti said...

I know where that black raven is too!
Amy...reading you is just like talking to you! xoxox