Monday, May 21, 2007

Martha, Martha

We ate our first green beans from the garden this weekend--a handful at a time. And though I started this endeavor as something to do with Rebekah this summer, she refused to step foot near the garden because it's too dirty. Hence the name, kid--dirt. By the way, if you live within a 20 mile radius of us, you will have zuccinni on your doorstep this summer. We will be overrun with it.
But that's really it for the whole gardening thing. I've planted some new flowers and I'm trying to keep ahead of the weeds. My herbs are still alive. But I'm no Martha Stewart when in that department. I'll leave that to my mother--along with perfect pie crusts.
Dave made a comment this weekend regarding my housekeeping skills; actually, I think he made more than one. As much as I'd like to be Susie Homemaker or Martha Stewart (minus the bangs in the face, the insider trading charges, and driving away all loved ones and employees) I'm just not. I keep up with the laundry, the house is clean(ish), and I get dinner on the table most nights. It's not grilled salmon on barley mostly because I'm not very taste bud adventurous and while Dave will eat just about anything, he'll eat whatever's on the table. It doesn't have to be gourmet for him. I'm notorious for not keeping the pantry well-stocked. We never have salsa, we run out of milk, I toss too many rotten vegetables. But I do have three bottles of laundry detergent and (I think) about 20 rolls of paper towels.
In my defense, I do pretty well for company. I like to bake for book club or Bible study. I make my own desserts. I plan the big meal well, just not the three nights beforehand. I generally can feel pretty good about the house if someone unexpectedly stops by.
Part of this reflection is based on last week's discussion of Lost Women of the Bible as we contemplated the role(s) of women offered and how we may or may not fit into cultural definitions, how we have different gifts and personalities that don't always align with society's or the church's templates. When does my lack of attention to housekeeping mean I'm failing my family or can I abdicate some part of that because it's just not me? And why do I feel stiffled some days when I have one of most important jobs in the Kingdom--raising covenant children? Sigh, there's always going to be a tension; I sometimes think women feel it more with the feminist movement and the conflicting voices coming at us. I am woman, hear me whine.


patti said...

Balance...its huge. And the tension makes it possible. I always try to remember that its fluid can changes constantly.

Oh...and I LOVE zuchinni bread, Martha

Katie said...

Loving your blog! I can't believe I didn't know you had one!

We planted a garden, too, and Zuchinni is our best growing product, also! We'll have to make zuchinni bread together, lol! It'll be a fun summer activity for the kids! ;)