Sunday, May 6, 2007

Sometimes it stinks to be Mom

This has been the longest few days I can remember. Wednesday night we got NO sleep between Ben rolling over in his bed (and then being frustrated that he can't roll back over) to Rebekah inexplicably waking up--completely alert and perky--at 3 AM and again at 6 full of requests and excuses. Then after a too long day of errands, shopping, swim lessons, Dave came down with a stomach flu around 10:30 at night. Beyond ICK, I will spare you the gory details. So another night with no sleep.

Friday--kept the kids quiet and out of Dave's hair as he recovered. I'm dragging my butt all day, exhausted. Got a decent night's sleep though.

On Saturday morning, I started feeling gross after the first bite of my eggs. I took a shower in anticipation of the yuck that was to follow. Sure enough, it got me too. And I missed the Women's Ministry brunch. Lying in bed around noon, I hear Dave yell for me. Rebekah has gotten her first stomach virus. She was traumatized by the throwing up. And the throwing up, and the throwing up. All afternoon. She pitifully asked me for water or food and I had to refuse. She cried. More throwing up. I'm barely standing up, Dave's slightly better and I'm keeping an eye on Benjamin wondering when he's going to blow. I did load after load of laundry, started sanitizing the house, made runs to the store for more Gatorade and Pedilyte.

It looks like we're all better today. Rebekah woke up trying to make up for all the words she didn't say yesterday and then crashed for an early nap. And tomorrow is Monday.


U said...

I remember when our kids were young, Blue Eyes and I getting so sick we couldn't care for the little ones. The mother-in-law had to come over and babysit us all. Not fun. Hope it's over soon.

Goes On Runs said...

love that phase when they can roll over one way but not get back... it pains me to hear about the throw up. hope tomorrow is better. i know i need it to be.

patti said...

Oh ick...that is totally the worst! To be sick and have your kids sick is the worst! Hang in there sweet friend! oxoxox P