Saturday, December 8, 2007

Damn you, Martha Stewart,

...your floppy bangs and your ridiculous recipes.

This evening I attempted to bake gingerbread men, those classically shaped seasonal cookies with their icing smiles and buttons, from a Martha Stewart recipe. I even had a gingerbread woman cookie cutter for equal opportunity cookie enjoyment.

Two hours (and mind you, I made the dough yesterday) and miles of wax paper later, I have barely half a Tupperware container of somewhat well-shaped gingerbread men and rather misshapen women who look like flattened angels. We ate the really deformed. (This sounds so Jonathon Swift!) The dough softened into an almost liquid form in between the rolling and the cutting so my evening was spent rolling, freezing, cutting, freezing, baking. My baking sheets do not fit in my freezer--at least not flat. So I had to angle one over the cube steak and the ice cream. And I'm not even sure I like how they taste. We'll if icing can improve them!

I had grand plans to make these as gifts for my neighbors. Now I think I will anonymously drop them off for the RTS concert dessert table and pray no one sees me!

D's commentary: Why not just make chocolate chip?

Why not, indeed?


patti said...

Oh my lands...Im laughing my arse off...Somehow this makes my pumpkin pie debacle feel not so awful!! xooxox

Katie said...

Haha- you are hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Martha is an alien you know -- Men in Black proved it!!!

hate it when they get all slimy and runny -- doesn't help that we have the humidity of the universe right here in Altamonte! They could make a rain forest from our humidity...just pack it up and sell it.