Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Birthday Boy

In honor of his 1st birthday, a list of great things about Ben:

  • The Chub - He's huge, what else can I say? I love that he's big, solid, and all boy. He could use a mansiere, though. But he has the sweetest, little voice that belies his Incredible Hulk frame.

  • His Jowls - The most kissable spot on him. He is one of the most kissable babies since despite the potential for back pain, people want to hold him just to get those cheeks.

  • His Eyebrows - The most expressive eyebrows I've ever seen. He gets mischievous, serious, flirtatous, and joyful--all in the eyebrows.

  • The Nicknames - With such a regal, rich name, it's great that we get to call him Benzilla and B. Diddy and have it be appropriate.

  • The Laugh - Though I'm slightly jealous, Dad and Sis make him giddy with laughter. Any bodily function sends him into a fit of giggles, especially daddy sneezes and belches. Spitting things (or pretending to spit things) also gets major laughs. Peek-a-boo, especially with R in the closet, makes him hysterical. He sucks in air when she hides and lets loose when she reappears.

  • Bedtime Snuggle - The only time he approaches snuggly is when we walk to the hallway at bedtime. The lucky parent gets a head on the shoulder for an instant (I usually get a hug, the back of my neck rubbed, or a slap on my cheek) until he sees his crib and tries to hurl all nearly 30 lbs. of him out of our arms.

  • Kind to His Mother- Always been an efficient eater. Rarely upset or angry.

  • Potential Danger - His dark, curly hair, gray-blue eyes, and girl-catcher eyelashes.

Happy Birthday, big fella. We loved your first year and can't wait for the next!


Katie said...

Oh my- he laughs when Dave belches. He IS a boy!

Happy Birthday, sweet boy! We love you!

patti said...

When he is older, I will tell him how much I wanted to bite him as a baby...completely edible! Thanks for the fun lunch today...great conversation!! oxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

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