Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Lighter Moments

I'm sitting here ripping some new CD's so I can synch them to my new MP3 player (my Christmas gift from my hubby). The best part of my present is that he had snuck around for a few days and had already ripped about 50 CDs by Christmas morning so I was all ready to go. Once I've been able to listen to the new music I also got I'll be able to give my reviews.

But here are some of the lighter moments of the past week or so. I've already posted about B's cupcake withdrawal and my mom's "senior moment" with the lasagna, so I'll move on to others I remember.

Friday after the memorial service, at my Grandma's house: R is high on attention. She's going back and forth between the breakfast nook and the screened porch where most of the family is gathered. "Everyone needs to focus. Focus, everyone," she keeps repeating with deliberate and dramatic hand gestures. Then, "Nana, what does "focus" mean?"

She orders me out of the porch at one point and says only the big men (her daddy, papa, and granddad) are allowed. "Just these mens, Momma. These are the three wise men." They bust out laughing. I reply, "I don't know if their wives would call them that, more like wise guys." D's comeback, "I dunno, we give gold, frankincense..."

My brother gets a chance to e-mail over the weekend and sends some pictures. I wish I could share them. He's super intense and a bit scary looking. To his wife, who is staying with us a for a few days, he sends a picture of himself without a shirt on, to show off his six-pack he's been working on since he's been a bit bored and has been working out a lot. She shows them to my mom and we mention that we didn't get that particular shot in our e-mail. Then we wondered, who took the picture?

D asks R what her favorite part of Christmas is. "Um, getting all my presents." "What else?" he asks. "Opening all the presents." "What else besides the presents?" "Everyone coming to our house."


Leslie said...

So sorry to hear about your grandfather's passing, A. I'm sure you were the rock for so many during a difficult time. What a week!

David is quite the thoughtful husband to have managed the CD's. He's a keeper! I hope you get a chance to breathe after the holidays. Blessings on you and yours!

patti said...

I hope you can rest a bit now...I know you loved your grandfather and he will be missed.
that story of Ben screaming with the cupcakes...oh that is too funny!
If it makes you feel any better, the girl gets all out of sorts and all mixed up with her sleeping over the holidays too..and shes 9!!! xooxox

patti said...

PS "ripping" are so cool