Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The girl genius strikes again

I had a more reflective blog post started in my head, but then this happened tonight and I knew I had to post it.

So R is sitting on the couch tonight with Dad, writing on her Magna-Doodle. She's practicing some letters she knows how to write and trying to spell something. I come back from putting the baby to bed and see what she's written.

P...i...T. PIT, she says

Nice "T," Dave comments. "Now, what is a 'pit?'"

I'm thinking, well, they read the story of Joseph today at church...

"You know, when the race cars stop and get new tires."

Of all the definitions of "pit," that's the one my precious, girly, pink-loving, dress-wearing child says.

Of course, that led to her spelling other NASCAR related words: car, race, lap, Dale.

Oh, brother.

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patti said...

BWHAHAhahahahah!! BWHAHAhahahahahah! Oh my!!