Thursday, June 26, 2008

F is for Finding Flowers and for "ish"

I was given permission to stray from the alphabetical order for our Summer A to Z. Seriously, I voiced my concern out loud about whether I could skip D and E, move on to F, and come back to them later. ("D" will be this weekend, "E" I'm stuck on. So, LL, suggestions please.)

For "F", I got the kiddos in the car and after dropping off the dry cleaning and getting R to guess as many things that begin with "F" that we could do, we stopped by Green Acres Nursery which the Diva had previously blogged about. It was a great, non-big-box store nursery, family owned, rustic. The young kids of the owners were racing around on their four-wheelers, several rusted Radio Flyers are available for your shopping, and the coo-coos of doves resonated around the yard. There's even a rescued baby opossum.

R was less than enthusiastic, to say the least, since this outing involved being outside with dirt and bugs. I'm admiring a beautiful butterfly that's rested on a dark pink penta and she's slapping at the bugs that are in the vicinity but not actually on her. Oh, I did I mention that I had a scavenger hunt type list of a flowers to find like "find a flower with 3 petals," "find a flower that smells good," "find something you could eat." Here she is standing next to "find a flower taller than you." Can't you see the excitement on her face? Gotta love that kid.

She did think the peppermint plant was pretty cool so for $2 I let her buy that. I think I'll get a few more sweet smelling plants like chocolate mint and bee balm and make a planter for her.

And since we were so close to the Diva, we popped in for a visit and to drop off a carrot cupcake from the previous night's Bible study. We ended up staying for Monkey Munch/Puppy Chow/Muddy Buddies--whatever that delectable concoction of cereal, peanut butter, chocolate and powered sugar--and a bit of catching up. Then after lunch at CFA and a quick trip to Home Depot it was home again, home again.

I sat B up on his changing table to take his sandals off and he folded himself over and rested his head on the changing pad. Tuckered out! But speaking of the boy, we may have a breakthrough in his lack of speaking. A day or two ago, R was reciting the "when I wish to wish for fish..." bit from Red Fish, Blue Fish. B actually started saying "ish"! We got him to say it a couple more times throughout the day and even when we pointed to a fish in a book. So "F" is for "ishes" too!


patti said...

that is the sweetest day!! what a fun mom you are! Can I just say I love that R!?! Oh my lands, I sooo get her! That face is precious! Loved having you pop over too, we need to do more of that. Im telling one of the main reasons I did the B.S was just to see you on a regular basis. Ben gets my vote as most gorgeous baby ever! xoxo

Leslie said...

See . . . I told you nothing good could come of this letter fiasco. You could take them to The Maitland Birds of Prey Center to see the egrets and eagles. Although after seeing her attempt at bonding with nature, you might want to consider a more genteel atmosphere. Take her to The Corner Rose Tea Room or Ye Olde English Tea Room Roomfor a proper English tea party. Order the quiche while you're there and knock out that letter. Hey, this is fun! Give me some more letters!