Monday, June 16, 2008

Vacation Bible School

I totally cheated and made "B" for Bible school!

R went to her first VBS this past week. She loved it, had a great time. It was a bit weird though handing her off to someone for five mornings. I guess it gears us up for school. She would come home and start singing all the song she had learned that day and I'm like, "When did you learn that? You know that?"

Friday evening was a little closing program and ice cream social. R didn't freak out on stage but as you can see from the video, didn't do much else. She's on the right, in the pink headband. She spent most of the time watching the girl behind her and we could only see her profile or the back of her head. But trust us, she knew all the songs.

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patti said...

I am sooo just going to eat your kids they are soo cute! Isnt it weird having them gone for several hours from you each day. I still dont like it, seriously.
My favorite part of this week was when the girl came home singing a song from when I was a kid and I joined right in with her remembering every word of a song I hadn't sung in over 20 years. xoxoox