Monday, August 18, 2008

The Summer Alphabet Saga

"T" was for trees last week. (I do believe I may have to go until the equinox to get all the way to Z unless I really crank it out these last two weeks!)
So we went to Big Tree Park to see the Senator tree. With the boardwalks, I was able to use the stroller with Big Ben and we walked up to the 3,800 year old tree and went--"yep, that's a big tree." It was pretty amazing and very tall. I asked R if she wanted to continue down the path to Lady Liberty but nope, she was done.
They played on the playground for a while and then we were going to eat our snack. But I kept seeing two of the most diseased squirrels I've ever seen so I decided we were not going to open our peanut butter crackers with them around. R did tree bark rubbings on a variety of trees around the playground and did get a bit dirty. She lost it when she slipped and fell into the wet grass and dirt around one tree. "I'm DONE! I want to go HOME!" she cried. What a monster I've made.
This summer project has been good for us--pushing her beyond her comfort and clean zone and forcing me to be creative, productive, and purposeful with our time. It has been so hard to get everything in. Between meals and naptime, we don't have that much time to do a big project and we are somewhat limited by the boy getting into things or by what he is able to handle. Or by R's attitude when she poops on an idea I've had like my Q is for quilt project. Brat.
All in all, I will be a bit sad when she goes off to her first first day of preschool in just two weeks. Just a wee bit though. Did I mention she completely pooped on my quilt idea?


Nana said...

Have you thought of "Q is for Quiet". No talking all day. Quilting might look pretty good after all.

Debby Sutton said...

doesn't she know that Miss Debby loves quilting?!!?

patti said...

I love your mom's response! R is AMY 2.0!!!! I love R!!! I sooo get her!!!

Scribbling Suit said...

In her defense, today we revisited doing the Q project, maybe tomorrow in the soggy weather. She said, with sweetness, "Mom, I will try really hard to make good decisions. But I was just breathing and it made all the pieces go everywhere. I have to breathe." We all know it wasn't "just" breathing. We'll try again.