Saturday, August 23, 2008

V is for Van Gogh

This one came to me and replaced my original, not-as-great "V" idea. And I couldn't believe that I hadn't thought of it earlier. With all the Baby and Little Einstein stuff we have, R is quite familiar with Van Gogh and recognizes some of his more famous paintings--or at least the ones used in Little Einstein episodes.

After searching on-line for some ideas in just how to do this well, I came across a wonderful blog by an elementary art teacher. At, Kathy Barbro posts examples and instructions on the projects she does with her students. Most were beyond R's capacity right now but I got some good ideas.

I downloaded a few Van Gogh paintings, some of my favorites and some that showcased his hatching techinique the best. I would have liked to get R to work on the using the dots and lines to create the painting but what she did was pretty good anyway. She chose one of the Sunflower paintings as her inspiriation so we printed it out and taped it to the side of her easel. After some direction by Mom to sketch the horizontal line and the outline of the vase, this is what she created. I had to paint her "signature" on the vase like Vincent's but this is pretty much her own.


Goes On Runs said...

rock star kid.
mine took all three finger painting colors and dumped them out onto the table to make one nasty color. then wants to know when his painting will dry. AH! creativity.

patti said...

Thats the difference between boys and girls!!!

A, FRAME THAT BABY!! It will grace your home for years to come!! I just put up a bunch of K's origional work in the nursery...PERFECT!!
PS...we will get together this week. call ya later. goes the running?

amy said...

I just discovered your blog - what a creative mother you are! I am excited to see your book recommendations. When Emelyn is older, I am going to shamelessly pilfer some of the ideas you use with your daughter (like alphabet days, etc.).

Vicki Taylor said...

Great idea Amy! Definitely frame the magnificent piece!

Katie said...

WOW! Good job, Rebekah!