Wednesday, November 12, 2008

71 hours and counting....

We leave Saturday evening. This Saturday evening.

And I'm so exhausted with the getting ready that I have barely any energy to think about the fact that I'm actually leaving Saturday evening.

I've left my mom a four-page manual on taking care of the kids for the week (everything, she says, from the time the kids wake up to how to care for B's wee-wee. He has an inny--it's a fat issue). I've stocked the freezer, pantry, and laundry room with meat, chicken nuggets, cereal, Goldfish, bread, peanut butter, paper towels, toilet paper. A hurricane could come here no problem. Just need to put sheets on the guest bed, clean a few bathrooms, and wash every article of clothing we own.

Compounding all the normal getting ready for a trip is trying to tie up the loose ends of responsibilities I have here. I'm putting the Women's Ministry newsletter together (needs to go to print tomorrow and it's not done yet). There's R's preschool class Thanksgiving feast. Still need more turkey. Discussion questions for Philemon to write. And trying to still enjoy some of that (more tomorrow).

And, on top of everything, D had his wisdom teeth out today. I just got back from a Walgreens run for pain killers.

I did enjoy our dinner tonight, even if D couldn't eat a bite. (I had planned it for last night but a last minute call from an eldery church member who needed to get to the hospital put that on hold. We had grilled cheese and Publix subs instead.) Go to and look up Rachel Ray's pork chops with Golden apples. It had a yummy maple-mustard glaze on the chops that you top with chunky applesauce. We served ours with squash casserole and green beans. Fabulous! And even Patti could make it!


Vicki Taylor said...

Have a wonderful time away, Amy! You deserve it. World travel is so great for a person-- it really opens up perspective on so many pre-conceived notions of our world and mankind. Enjoy your time with Dave-- I hope it's full of laughter.

ps... I love the tv network recipes-- we eat so well!

Debby Sutton said...

I'm so excited for you!!! Have a great time, go with the flow, enjoy it!

patti said...