Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fall Festival et al

In looking at my memory disk tonight, searching for a suitable costume shot of the kids, I realized how much is on here that I haven't posted about, made print outs of, or just ignored: R's 4th birthday (in September), our girls' weekend to the beach, a new Thursday playgroup where B's one of the oldest kids, R's fall party at school this week, and now the annual Fall Festival at church.

This was the first time since R's birth that we haven't had to "work" the Fall Festival so we were definitely more relaxed this year and were able to enjoy our time there and then leave when the kids were ready. We even made it home in time to pass out candy at our house.

Thanks to Aunt D for the hand-me-down costumes! B's was a last minute substitution. The original football player costume came with a red jersey and a blue helmet (which he refused to have anywhere near him). Dad came home, saw the UCF jersey in the bag of clothes from our nephews and made B into a hometown player. We even had black electrical tape down the sides of the pants to cover the blue stripe. Definitely the perfect costume for him! I couldn't get them both to stand up at the same time long enough for me to press the shutter button! I wanted R to wear her cousin's cheerleader outfit (c'mon!) to match her brother but, no, pink princess again this year. Same theme, different dress.

Dad and the finer points of rubber band nerf shooter thingys.

Dad's putt-putt game lives on (he built this two years ago).


patti said...

Princesses should always be allowed to choose the big dress...sigh...dont tell me, I know, she was SOAKING awesome!!

Debby Sutton said...

Can I just say I am so proud of you guys for just going and enjoying the thing?!?! MC called me at 7:15p and said, "Guess where I am? I'm on my way home with everyone in the car!"

Missed your updates. Hope you're doing well and not stressing!