Thursday, May 14, 2009

How we spent our day (yesterday)

Organizing my closet: Look at all that room! Don't be a hater!

Cleaning outside: What started as "help Mommy clean the sand table" turned into "fun with a bucket of soapy water and brooms." The patio is very clean now!


Mom said...

Look at those adorable shoe boxes! (I had to comment sincde I know your husband was not impressed.)

Goes On Runs said...

i think i have lived in entire apartments that big.

Anonymous said...

The house looks like it is coming along! I am praying for you guys, how is #3...any name yet? I hope Rebekah is going to win!!!

Sarah Jane

patti said... had to show the closet?!? Seriously?!?! IM SO IMPRESSED IM JEALOUS!!! Okay, and LOVE LOVE LOVE the soapy water and there anything more fun! How is the bean coming along?!

Vicki said...

Now there is one serious perk to moving!

Katie said...

You have got one killer closet, lady! You enjoy that!