Monday, May 4, 2009

Sunday, Sunday

Last Sunday...I made it through with mascara intact. My man texted me (in the middle of Sunday School with Dr. K!!!) with an encouraging message, letting me know he was thinking of me on this difficult morning. For some reason, maybe the busyness of getting kids in place, talking calmly with friends, or maybe even a sense of peace finally coming, I didn't totally break down.

I shed a few tears as we worshipped, singing "So I will wait for you to come and rescue me." The songs during worship revolved around the theme of peace, so appropriately. We ended communion with "It Is Well," a hymn we also sang the one Sunday I was in Houston. I made it through that as well. And Jeff's message, from Eph. 2, was on our new life and identity as a family once we have new life and identity in Christ. Upon leaving one church family and looking towards a new church family, that was a good reminder that it is so much bigger than just me and my world.

On the way to lunch, I put it to MC this way: Worship and teaching and preaching will be good wherever we end up. But the hardest part of leaving and starting new is not knowing people's stories and knowing they know your story. From my bleacher seat in a noisy gymnasanctorium, I can see a young man--once bitter and angry--sing Gloria! Peace is coming. To see others who have had such loss and tragedy sing with joy and gratitude. It's being stopped in the hall or hugged at the passing of the peace by women who I've had contact with here and there over the past years who have met needs and given wisdom and God's grace to me at just the right time. It's having people who know my quirky kids and love them anyway.

I know in going to a new church I'm still connected to God's family universal and that the Church doesn't reside in a building. My biggest anxiety or desire is for authenticity. (C'mon, I've been friends with Patti, Marie, and Hilda to name a few. If they won't tell you like it is, no one will!) And that takes time more than anything, but I am grateful for their openness and vulnerability and acceptance.

Being at O-wood for these almost 10 years has been a lesson for us. We've grown up here in many ways, coming as college sweethearts, getting engaged and then married, starting first jobs, having two kids. While our journey here hasn't always been easy, I know we've learned a lot about God, His Word, and His people. And I am so excited about how God is moving already through the church in TX. Good things are coming and I can say that because I have a good, good God.


Leslie said...

What a beautiful attitude, A. I'm excited for you. We were so sad to leave St Paul's and we hadn't been there 10 years! It was the truest sense of worship and fellowship we had ever known. But God has been faithful to show us something we would have never seen had we not moved away. We have learned that home is not in the familiar and comfortable; home is where the Father is.

Mary Grace Bowlin said...

Hey Amy! Wow, it has been a long time since I've stopped by your blog! Congratulations on the pregnancy and your move! As I'm sure you remember from last summer's bible study, I've been in your shoes. Pregnant and moving to a brand new city! I'm sure you will find as much warmth and welcome as I did in Orlando. I will keep your family in my prayers during this transition!

Vicki said...

Love you bunches, Amy. Even though you'll be part of a new congregation, we will still be sisters in Christ. May His peace truly be yours.


Goes On Runs said...

already praying for women - young and old - to be a wonderful community to come around you and help you with this transition and new baby. i love you. it was wonderful to see you and such a encouragement to hear about some new things that are blooming in houston.

Terri B. said...

We will miss you and your sweet family, Amy! Hope your drive to Houston is uneventful and you arrive safely to your new home! Can't wait to hear and see pix of the newest Fleming when he arrives! We have old friends in Katy, TX. One never knows who might show up on your doorstep one day!

patti said...

As always, you are such a poetic writer...truly a gift. While youre mascara may be in tact, mine is not...even just reading this. I love your perspective...its absolutely dead on true. I have been praying diligently for you and know that God has laready mapped out a wonderful path and amazing people for you to find. As always, you are an amazing example to me of a godly woman. The best part...that this isnt really good but as we have an eternity together in which toto worship the king! xoxo