Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday Reflections

Here I am, my 2nd Monday in Texas. One week and a few days of actually living here. We've had two Sunday services--one outdoors for groundbreaking at the new church property, one indoors with nursery and Children's Church--and A/C! Attended one baby shower for the pastor's wife--who is due on June 15th at the same hospital as me with a boy. We could be there together with our newbies! One playdate invite for sometime this week. One evening with Houston relatives: four fun boy cousins, two fun uncles, two sweet aunts, and good BBQ brisket. One upcoming ladies' Bible study/book club night this evening. (They're discussing the final section of Ginger Plowman's Heaven at Home which I have read and can locate on the shelf!) And a dwindling number of boxes left to unpack.

I've successfully located two grocery stores, Costco, David's office, Target, Home Depot, and a Chick-Fil-A. I have not gotten lost, really, thanks to my Mother's Day gift--a Garmin navigational system, loaded with all the essentials for me (the aforementioned stores and restaurants).

This week will be another adjusting week: there is not as much chaos, grandparents have departed for the other cousins' house. We'll be following Mommy's routine, establishing boundaries in a new house, learning how to two-parent again, and more discipline than last week.

A kind friend inquired if I had cried yet. And the answer is no. Partly because I've been busy, tired, and not by myself. And partly, I think, because I'm done with that part. The grieving is ending and the moving on to the "new normal" is beginning. It doesn't mean I'm not sad or not missing Orlando people or things, but I'm ready to be happy here.

Tuesday morning update: Didn't finish the post yesterday afternoon. Kids melted down in the afternoon. Disciplining made dinner late. Didn't make it to the book club night. Garmin got me confused and almost lost. Cried. Came home. Ate cookies--very good oatmeal peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. Now, I'm enjoying an unseasonably cool morning. The birds are all over the backyard (we have six birdhouses around the yard. Nana has plans for a bird feeder project when she comes). I can see the zinnias and knockout roses from the breakfast table. Deep breath. Warm coffee. Quiet house still at 7:06 AM. Today is a new day.


Debby Sutton said...

a new day - it's all we've got at the moment... especially when the hopes of heaven seem to far off. And with that new day:
- new mercies
- more grace
- that same constant love

MarieC said...

I almost cried today! As we were going upstairs for a tea party with parents I counted the children, as I do numerous times during the day. I started to panic becasue I only counted 11. Who are we missing? And then it hit me, Rebekah!
At lunch today Christina looked up and said "I miss Rebekah" You guys are very much missed!

Nana said...

Hey, you knew the "re-entry" would be rough. And no matter where you live, things are the same...mostly really good days and some not so good. Glad you can appreciate the little things like a nice spring day, nature in your own backyard and the healing power of coffee and a cookie.

PS Love the new picture!

Vicki said...

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers Amy! It's very exciting to read of all the things you all are doing and the work the Lord is doing in you. Breathe deeply, focus on God's grace, and if you get too down, listen to some Steve Brown podcasts from itunes-- they're awesome!

Love ya!

patti said...

i love you Amy....know what got me teared up... when you said that you are "ready to be happy here". that alone is a testament to how the Holy Spirit lives and works within you. I know you could not have said this six months ago. I am so proud of you for jumping in and getting plugged in immediately.

AND I love your precious ear friend. Even from afar,you continue to challenge and sharpen me. I love you dear one! xoox

Katie said...

Oh my goodness I died laughing when I got to the end of this post, is that mean? It's just too ironic... life. :) Did you forget to knock on wood typing the first few paragraphs? I can't believe how you are settling right in to a new place with a community already! do you realize how unusual that is- what a blessing. And kudos to you, for being so brave and go-get-em. Also- can I have that recipe for the cookies?? Drooling...