Monday, March 19, 2007

Does this happen to anyone else?

Gray Monday morning...this might be the last cool Florida day before the heat and humidity take over. The kids are asleep and I'd kinda like to be too. Dinner is cooking in the crock pot--niiice. I think Borat may be the next movie in our queue. Great. It's payback for the last one I chose--For Your Consideration, a Christopher Guest mockumentary on a bad movie getting Oscar buzz. Not nearly as good as Guffman or Mighty Wind, my Guest favs. A few funny moments and a lot of "hey, isn't that....?" I was amazed a how many people signed up to do really short bits.

I was on nursery duty yesterday which means I check the workers in and make sure all the rooms are covered. I guess since I was back there so often people needed to comment on my kids. I was told the funny, brilliant, wacky things Rebekah was doing--like needing binoculars for Daddy. She told everyone she was going to Target to get them. I'm just surprised she didn't need to go by Starbucks first or get something from Lowes too. I'm just used to her imaginative wackiness--like wheeling her little horse up to the fireplace screen and placing her Chic-Fil-A order. "I want a kid's meal, a fruit cup, and a 'yemonade.'"

Of course, Ben's still a wonder to people too. I got a lot of "That's a big baby!" A new babysitter told her mom that he's "giant." Well, he is up to 19 lbs. and looks about 8 months old. Which is all great for my waistline, but not for my back.

And a Madness update: It hasn't been a great year. His best board only puts him around 100,000th nationally, somewhere in the top 5%. Does this mean he sees the futility? Nope. Just some tweaking of the program for next year.

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Goes On Runs said...

i took borat off our queue...i saw a few clips and opted out. let me know your thoughts.