Sunday, March 25, 2007

I love the weekend

We had great weather, family, dirt, good food. What could be better?
On Saturday, Dave's parents came over for the day. The men worked in the yard, including getting my "garden" ready. Well, a few rows of beans and zucchini. Dave saved one last zucchini hill for Rebekah to plant. The ladies tended to the munchkins and sipped lattes on the patio during nap time.
Lasagna and banana pudding (I know, what a combo) for dinner & dessert. None of us have been eating like that lately. And it was sooo good. Rebekah's reaction to eating dessert (which she doesn't get too often) was priceless. She thought finding cookies in her dessert was a double bonus and she scammed more bits from Grandma's bowl. She also picked up a new phrase from Dad: "My back is killing me!" She used it correctly all day long.
Finally saw what all the hoopla was about with Little Miss Sunshine. What's up with us picking movies about transporting corpses?! Laughed, wait, it's still there. Still, cursing and whatnot aside, a good message about being a family.
Sunday--great worship (even if the praise team all wore some shade of orange/coral/pink--interesting) and a powerful message about growing younger (taken from Luke 22), reminding me to be like my kids--trusting, dependent, communicative, and about my Father's business. The focus on the kingdom of God has been incredible and challenging these past three months. Coupled with our "Sunday School" class's discussion on being both culturally relevant and living counter-culturally has made me look at my daily decisions with fresh eyes. I'm still not there yet. More on my laziness later. But I'm working on it.
Shalom, everyone. Have a blessed Monday.