Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Three Burials, Two Tired Parents, One Glass of Wine

So I've realized that I spend more time reading my friends' blogs than I do writing my own. Do they have more interesting lives than I do? More insightful commentary? More humorous ancedotes? Well, maybe Kathy does.

We watched Tommy Lee Jones' directorial (sp?) debut in The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada. Yes, I know how behind I am in my movie watching. We don't see movies in the theater the week or month they come out! And I really have to psych myself up for movie watching lately. I think with all the stress and tiredness and junk of real life I just don't want to watch anything too deep or dramatic or tense or sad. Luckily, this was a comedy. Well, a Flannery O'Connor kind of comedy. We did laugh at the black humor throughout the movie which kept things light. Watching Tommy Lee Jones pump antifreeze into the corpse of his best friend to keep ants from eating it was strangely funny. All in all, a good movie, something to think about the illegal immigrant issue from another perspective. I stayed awake for the whole thing--even with a glass of wine in me. And Dave didn't hate it--that's saying a lot!

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