Monday, July 23, 2007

Harry Potter and the inside of my eyelids

12:13. That's when I finished reading last, this morning. I won't say too much since I know a few of you are waiting but it was a fine ending to the series, though not spectacular. I am kinda sad it's over. What other books have me up past midnight? D is glad it's over. He was a pest--even opened the box and read the last page.

So I guess this means I'm back to Winter of our Discontent. Yippee.


patti said...


Im laughing because when we spoke after church you were only on page 250 of 700something...

David...phsttttttt...what do men know about good literature!!

Goes On Runs said...

i'm waiting with anticipation for the moment when i can crack that cover in the warm sun on the beach! just a few more days.