Friday, July 6, 2007

I can't think of a title today

Okay, being the occasionally overly anal mom that I am, I decided that Rebekah needed some more constructive learning time during Ben's morning nap, especially since we decided to forgo 2 yr. old preschool next year. So I bought a couple of workbooks for fine motor skills, shapes, letters, following directions, etc. (I had also bought some phonics flash cards for the TX road trip. I could just envision us zipping through Mississippi while we sounded our letters. HA!)

We got our crayons, sat at the Little Tykes table, and opened the workbook to the first page--a scene of a zoo with the instructions, "Mark animals you think are big with a blue crayon. Mark animals you think are small with a red crayon." We took out blue and red crayons. I talked her through an example with the hippo. Then it went downhill from there.

"No, this hippo is small....No, pink crayon! *random scribble, scribble* "No, bears are not big!" Being a major paint-by-numbers rule follower, the pink crayon bit really got to me.

We turn to another page--a primary level "maze". Instructions: Help Bessie (a cow) find her way home. Objective: Draw a path to get Bessie home. Bessie is in the top left of the page, the barn in the bottom right. What does Rebekah do? Yup, draws a diagonal line from Bessie to the barn. The rest of the 15 minutes continued in similar stubborn fashion.

I don't see home schooling in our future.

I relate all this to Dave at dinner last night. He's laughing because that's pretty much the kind of student he was. (Great!) Rebekah asks, "Daddy, do you want to do that book with me?" Your turn, Daddy!


patti said...

Oh Im cracking up!!! That is vintage!! you got to appreciate R's literal nature...she drew the shortest line to Bessie!
Yeah, I get the no homeschooling thing. I think its a beautiful option but I believe I would not have a relationship with my girl if we did...too much pulling against each other!
So we getting together when K is in town? Do tell! xooxox

Goes On Runs said...

love it!
i don't see homeschooling in our future either. i think it best suits me.....
see you soon.