Sunday, July 1, 2007

Old friends and new life

Yesterday we celebrated the wedding--and creation of one new life from two--of a good friend from "back in the day."

Neal, who knows more people from more places than anyone I've ever met, was one of Dave's college roommates. In fact, that's pretty much how Dave and I met. My first year at UCF, I met Neal through Campus Crusade. Of course, he knew somebody, who knew somebody, etc. He introduced me to two girls who lived in my apt. complex, who introduced me to the girls who lived above me, who later moved into my apt. when I needed roommates. The next year, Neal, Dave, my roommate's brother Phil, and some others rented a house. We were always at each other's places, I started going to the same church as them, and eventually Dave and I had enough conversations to realize we were meant to be. I have wonderful memories of hanging out with "our boys," who deeply resented being called such. Great talks on reformed theology that sometimes got heated, too many meals cooked and bathrooms cleaned for them, soccer matches we girls faithfully attended, spring break trips...good times, good times. Neal is a great guy and I'm so happy (and a bit relieved!) that he and Jessie are now married.

Yesterday was also a great day to see people that we don't usually see. Recognizing faces that haven't changed a bit and those that have, hearing what people are doing now almost 10 years later. Amazingly, all but one person who lived in that house of boys was there yesterday. Our college minister during one of our very formative years officiate the wedding and we met their baby #4. I chatted with a girl I hadn't seen in 8 years. We talked about our kids who are nearly the same age and about the joys and struggles we have in common. And it was just fun to get a bit dressed up, drink a bit of champagne, and talk and hug and remember.

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patti said...

WOW! I did NOT KNOW that Neal and Dave were roomies...what a riot! The world is such a small place!