Friday, July 20, 2007

While Momma's away

For the week I was in NC, D was super busy finishing up the Dr. P site. He also made it his goal to not use a single dish or utensil--which he accomplished by eating South Beach bars and Diet Coke for breakfast, ordering a pizza to eat over the weekend, and eating out a lot and at his parents. The only dirty dishes were two plastic cups that a carpenter used. Yes, I have new interior doors and doors on the closets which were gaping holes before. Which means I'll be spending the next few weeks with my dear friend Benjamin Moore.

D also visited the Orlando area Kwikee Mart (sp?). I have refrained from posting potentially embarrassing pictures of the future CEO in case they came back to haunt him (I can't believe he took pictures!). But he did purchase Buzz cola, Krusty O's, a Squishee, and a t-shirt. Talk about obsession!
Of course, I'll be watching for the FedEx truck to deliver Harry P tomorrow. I'll have to put down the compelling and uplifting Winter of Our Discontent (the title alone makes me want to slit something) and I'll be up all weekend reading. I've even planned a crock pot dinner for tomorrow with leftovers for Sunday.


patti said...

First of all...I KNOW where that Kwik E mart is...

Second of all...I want to be second in line to your copy of Harry!!

Goes On Runs said...

i'll have my copy with me for the beach. i could have picked it up today but was okay to wait until tomorrow. it has been reserved for over a month :)