Friday, August 3, 2007

Good girl, Mommy

Some days I'm just lazy. Sometimes I'm fine with that; I need a break. Sometimes I rationalize. Sometimes I feel guilty.

But today I was busy in a real productive way, not a headless chicken kind of way. I got all the laundry done. One last load to fold before I go to bed. Ran my errands. Got a birthday present and some things for the beach tomorrow. Planted some flowers. Installed landscape lighting. (Read: Shoved solar lights into ground in aesthetically pleasing way). Went through the kids' closets and sorted out too small clothes. Went through the hand-me-down pile from the cousins and found a new wardrobe for R. I'm on to D's closet next and the blue plaid lumberjack shirt-jacket that has been haunting me for nearly 10 years now. (He maintains it's for doing yard work in the winter. I have yet to see him chop wood or shovel snow in it.) I was all set to replace door knobs in the doors that I've painted so far but D came home early and woke the girl.

So she and I watched What Not to Wear and Between the Lions instead. Then we played on the floor and laughed at R's "Spider-Bekah" song. She's seen just enough Simpson's Movie previews to get the "Spider Pig" bit down. But she sings it while doing "airplane" with D, pumping her arms, and then doing a big finale of jumping on his belly.

So, where's my gold star? Oh, yeah, I got to eat the last piece of key lime pie and force D through a chick flick. Good day.


patti said...

You know Amy...some days I want to be you!!! :) AMAZING what you got done! Its so weird how some days are so totally profitable and efficient and others are like PHTttttttttttttt!!! xoxoox

Katie said...

What the!!!!!!!!!!! Speaking of new names, you've earned a new one, SuperWoman!