Thursday, August 16, 2007

What's in a nickname?

My family has a reputation for giving people nicknames. I remember one dinner with friends when we talked about our name for one of our grandmothers--Eeyore--for her oh-so-sunny disposition. Our friend, Jan, kidded us about how many names we have for people and our pets and asked what we had named her. Without hesitating, someone said, "G.I. Jan" and we roared; it was so spot on! And she's been G.I. Jan ever since.

We call my dad by either his mom's name--Eunice--when he's munching and grazing or "evening up" a pan of brownies or by his dad's--Nate--when he's hard of hearing. I've been called Roly from 101 Dalmations (I'm hungry, Mother, I really am) and Ice Queen. I even have a t-shirt now. My brother, all 6 feet plus of him, we call Scooter. He's "Bart"; I'm "Lisa." I actually don't believe we've nicknamed my mom so much. I think that's pretty much a death sentence.

This has continued on to my own children. Rebekah, of course, is Bekah and Bekah-boo but was also called Heffalump and Princess Poops-a-lot as a baby. And we ironically refer to her by her middle name--Grace. The newest names for Benjamin David: B. Diddy, Chub-a-love, and Benzilla, especially when he goes after Rebekah's school bus.
The sound effects and dialogue we give the pre-language one are pretty funny too. "Me Benzilla. Me want school bus. Me eat people." It comes out a bit like Cookie Monster!


Vicki Taylor said...

Look at that incredibly squeezable, hugable baby! Adorable!

I've always called my husband Elroy, but I have no idea why...

patti said...

I swear I am going to eat him he is so dang cute!!! Utterly yummy!!!

Nicknames are so fun!! Ice Queen...who gave you that one?! xooxxo P

Katie said...

We call me uncle Eeyore, too!

Sooooo funny, this last bit. I love B.Diddy, personally, although the Bezilla complete with picture to illustrate is hard to beat!

Katie said...

"me uncle..." you like that?

"I'm pert Scattish, didn't ya know?

Goes On Runs said...

we call our little one.... squishy - which is funny when you put him next to benzilla!