Monday, August 27, 2007


Listening to new Caedmon's Call CD.

Sauteing garlic in olive oil.

Rebekah singing along.

Quiet thunder.

Benjamin grunting and gurgling behind his pacifier.

Daddy on the way home.

Sacred -- Caedmon's Call
this house is a good mess/it's the proof of life/no way would i trade jobs/but it don't pay overtime/i'll get to the laundry/i don't know when/i'm saying a prayer tonight/cause tomorrow it starts again//could it be that everything is sacred?/and all this time/everything i've dreamed of/has been right before my eyes//the children are sleeping/but they're running through my mind/the sun makes them happy/and the music makes them unwind/my cup runneth over/and i worry about the stain/teach me to run to You/like they run to me for every little thing//chorus//when i forget to drink from You/i can feel the banks harden/Lord, make me like a stream/to feed the garden/wake up, little sleeper/the Lord. God Almighty/made your Mama keeper so rise and shine/rise and shine cause/chorus

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patti said...

i cried.
The golden moments are priceless