Saturday, August 11, 2007

Happy Birthday

#28, I can't believe it. The 20's are almost over.
Oh, well.
Here's a pic of the gorgeous roses my hubby sent. He arranged for them to be sent to Thrive and they were waiting for me when I came to work out. How's that for a birthday treat--my first work out in about a year. My new trainer, Jenny, thankfully did not try to kill me though. We're easing back into it. I don't know how much weight she put on each machine and I never ask. Nothing felt too light and we stopped short of complete muscle failure (which is really your goal; you actually want to go until your muscle gives out). I felt I could have gone a bit longer on each machine. She promises to get meaner though. I'm a bit stiff and sore this morning, but my back feels so much better already. I love that machine. The leg press...not so much. Hey, maybe I should change the name of the blog...something like "pumps iron really slow". Technically, they're steel weight plates.
Anyway, Dave and I went to Houston's for dinner...yummy spinach dip. Neither one of us ate a french fry or garlic mashed potatoes. We saved room for a piece of chocolate hazelnut torte from the night before. Yeah, I made my own birthday cake but I don't mind. Cruised the book store after dinner so we didn't get home before the kids were in bed and that was about it.
Oh, yeah, my birthday presents from Mom and my mother-in-law. From Mom: a Giada cookbook (she's the cleavage-bearing Italian on Food Network), fabulous kitchen shears, and an Acme bag (in orange) that folds up into a little pocket, perfect for putting in the diaper bag for trips to the mall or something. From my mom-in-law: Miss Potter DVD and a gift card for shopping. Two women who totally get me!


Vicki Taylor said...

Happy Birthday, amy!

patti said...

Happy Birthday dear friend!!! Just think at 28 I hadnt even had my girl yet!! Youre still YOUNG YOUNG YOUNG!!! Im loving that dinner and bookstore date...its one of my favorites!! You are a precious friend Amy...Im so thankful to the Lord for you and for your unique and wonderful gifts! You...YOU are fabulous Happy Birthday girl!xooxox P