Thursday, June 21, 2007

Back from the dead

Well, Texas in June at least.

We finished our 9 day trip to Texas and we're finally home. I say "trip," not vacation, because we didn't relax and I am not rejuvenated. It was a trip. Worthwhile, sure, we saw family we haven't seen in 6 or 7 years, and got caught up with everyone. Had plenty of Fleming family bonding time in our now more-than-gently used minivan.

I had such high hopes of blogging throughout the trip, recording our adventures but I barely saw a computer the whole time.

So here's the Reader's Digest highlights version:

Nine days, four days of total driving there and back. Houston and San Antonio. Benjamin teething. R's four boy cousins (ages 10, 7, and 3--the twins) who stay up until 10 PM every night. No TV in Houston--only kiddie videos, on repeat, all day. Fabulous Mexican food and a good BBQ restaurant in SA. 102 degrees the day we go to the S.A. zoo (think about rhino poop in 102 degrees...with a 2 year old...who does not like smells or sweat). Twenty minutes for the Alamo--more than enough. Sharing a room, and sometimes the bed, with one or both the munchkins. Having to whisper at night to have a conversation with Dave or spell almost everything with the girl in the car. Rebekah catching on to spelling. Blue Bell ice cream everywhere--yum! Got great dirt on Dave's parents from Great Aunt Ruth (who's in her 80's). (Best line from her: "Next move I make is going to be up." And, "You can be a Baptist and still be lost.") Rebekah making up songs for the minivan. Dave leaving the keys in the minivan...ignition...running...for 3 hours. No "mommy juice" for a week. No good coffee for a week. Shipley donuts at church--yum again. Don't want to see the scale.
My eyes feel like sandpaper. My bed--my very own bed--is calling me. Goodnight!


patti said...

You are a brave brave woman!!

Goes On Runs said...

makes Poughkeepsie look like a joy ride.