Monday, June 25, 2007

Sweet Summertime

Two sweet reasons to love summer:
I made peach crisp over the weekend while Mom and Dad were here for dinner. Is there anything better? (Well, besides peach pie but in a time crunch...). Sweet, tart, warm, gooey, syrup-y, with melting Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla. Oh, I'm going back to Publix for more peaches! I lost track of how many I made (and ate) last summer while pregnant.

Summer is a legitimate time to make Key Lime Pie. I'm a meringue only girl, no whipped cream topping. Mom had Key Lime Pie ice cream at Bruester's and mentioned Publix had a version out for a limited time. Must say I'm disappointed, but I guess I'll manage to eat it.


Leslie said...

You had me at "peach". How about that recipe??? Between this post and Kathy's organic chicken post, you guys better set 6 extra plates at the table!

patti said...

Some of my sweetest memories are of those on my grandmother's farm. One of the yearly activities was canning peaches. For a day my grandmother, mom and aunts would be down in the basement boiling and canning peaches. Occassionally us cousins would come in and beg/ borrow/ sneak those fresh peaches. Aint nothing like it.

Goes On Runs said...

can i pre-order for our visit. i am becoming a HUGE key lime fan.... and anything with peaches.... which are no in season yet here...but soon, very soon!