Sunday, June 10, 2007

Let me count the ways

After doggin' on the girl all week, I guess I should relate what silly, cute, and smart things she did as well.

Her first metaphor: "Mom, I'm growing like a green bean."

Giving Benjamin a nickname: "Jr. Drooler! You're Jr. Drooler, Ben!"

Watching NASCAR, voluntarily, singing: "You can do it, Junior. You can win the race because you are an amazing race car." (To the tune of her favorite Little Einstein song from the episode where the team goes to Monaco for the Grand Prix. We've had it stuck in our heads all weekend.)

Also, watching NASCAR, voluntarily, us eavesdropping: "There's Jeff Gordon. I don't like him."

We are coloring pictures and I'm writing out the words of what's in the pictures--Elmo, Zoe, cat. I start to write butterfly. She takes her crayon and makes three lines on her paper, saying, "But-ter-fly." Genius.

Wearing her pink elephant backpack this week with a very big girl outfit, sneakers on, hair in barrettes (for once), looking like she's going to school. I actually got a little choked up.

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Katie said...

Awwwwww- priceless. Precious.