Friday, June 1, 2007

Birthday Boy and Other People

Dave's birthday was yesterday. #29 for him which means I'm only two years away from 3-0 (cuz it's all about me, right?). In lieu of presents, (because we're planning a NYC trip at the end of the summer), Rebekah made him a birthday crown and he proudly wore it on the way to work and back home again. Poor guy had to take the garbage out on his birthday. I did make a chocolate pie for dessert. Thankfully, meringue covers a really sad looking crust.

Then it's been the day of lots of people. The kids and I spent the day at Dave's parents where his sister and family were. Rebekah had an Oreo, vanilla ice cream, and no nap until we got in the car at 3:30. Ben slept for 3 hours and missed most of the action. Then a friend from college who now lives in Denver stopped by. He was actually my friend first. We met when Dave was living in Titusville and commuting to school. Then when Dave moved back to Orlando and our friends merged, he and Dave became friends too. He's one of the few people we keep up with semi-regularly (like once a year) which is a lot for Dave. The guys went out for wings and pool while I had book club (more people!) and then came back for the leftover desserts. So we had some remembering of people we haven't talked about in a long time and stayed up too late.

And now I really must be going to bed.

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Goes On Runs said... at the end of the summer!!! can we see you? please? i know it is your get away, but i'll just take coffee .....actually, i'll see you in july, so the pressure is off. never mind. happy b-day, dave.